Shot Softtip Warrior Hautoa 80%

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Shot Darts Set

18-20 gram# Warrior Hautoa Soft Tip Dart Set made from 80% Tungsten meaning if bravery is half the battle, Hautoa courageous and daring in Te Reo Māori is your other half of all Shot Pacific Warriors. This pencil shape centre weighted tungsten barrel has a slim nose with a front Shark fin grip followed by a centre placement grip and cinder grip from nose-to-tail based on military equipment from the Pacific. The 80% tungsten barrel is armoured with a Tattoo based on the traditional maori meaning to grow and prosper in Te Reo Māori and will help you play even better. Built up with an Eagle Claw Clear Blue dart shaft plus ring in the length in between with a beautiful designed number 6 shape translucent Flight based on the iconic symbol The Fern to symbolise abundance and good luck in 100 micron thickness. Exactly the same dartset is available in a Steeltip. Click on the next link to see all Softtip Shot Warrior Darts.

Weight: Barrel Length: Barrel Width:
18 gram 46.5 mm 6.3 mm
20 gram 46.5 mm 6.4 mm
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Weitere Informationen
EAN code9415639042061, 9415639042078
Custom LabelGeen
Country of ManufactureNeuseeland
GripRinged, Shark, Phantom
Material80% Tungsten
FarbeSilber, Schwarz