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22 gram# Unicorn Darts

The Dimitri Van den Bergh Maestro Unicorn Steeltip Darts. These beautiful straight darts with ringed grip are inlaid with the colours of the Belgian flag, and engraved with Dimitri's signature. This Steeltip set is available in 22 grams. The set comes with Unicorn Gripper 4 Shafts and Ultrafly Big Wing Dimitri Van den Bergh flights. This range consist of darts that the players use during their matches. This dartset is made available by Unicorn Darts in the start of September 2021. Do you want to play exactly like Dimitri van den Bergh? Start right here…

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EAN code054722060675-
Custom LabelX in Stock!
Darts GripRinged
Darts Material90% Tungsten
Farbe BarrelSilber, DNA
Darts ModelGerade