Shot Softtip Birds of Prey 1 Falcon 90% 19 gram

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Shot Darts Set

19 gram# Birds of Prey Falcon Soft Tip Dart Set made from 90% Tungsten inspired by New Zealand's native raptors, sharpen your senses of all Shot Birds of Prey. This missile shape front weighted tungsten barrel with pyramid and ring grip is re-machined with refined channel and crosscuts to assure universal grip. The 90% tungsten barrel is armoured with a Swift Blue PCT coating and unbeatable wearability. Built up with an Eagle Claw Clear Black dart shaft plus ring in the length in between with a beautiful designed number 6 shape translucent Flight inspired on Birds of Prey aerodynamics silent wings in 100 micron thickness. Exactly the same dartset is also available in a Steeltip. Click on the next link to see all Softtip Shot Birds of Prey Darts.

softtip shot darts - birds of prey 1 falcon front weight 90% tungsten 19 gram - bpfs-119

Weight: Barrel Length: Barrel Width:
19 gram 45.3 mm 7.3 mm
21 gram 46.6 mm 7.6 mm
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Weitere Informationen
EAN code9415639063783
Custom LabelGeen
Country of ManufactureNeuseeland
Darts Gewicht19 gram
Länge42-46 mm
Durchmesser7 - 7.5 mm
GripRinged, Incision, Pyramid
Material90% Tungsten
FarbeSilber, Blau