Shot Koi Carbon Black

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SH-SM3703/I SH-SM3703/M SH-SM3703/S

To guarantee that the shaft is as sturdy as possible where it needs to be, Shot Koi dart stems are constructed with a two-pointed taper. This ensures that the shaft is as durable as possible up to the point where it meets the dart flight. Multiple filets work together at the tip to aid in the location of the flight while avoiding deflection and breakage. Chamfered cuts at an ideal depth guarantee that dart flights fit firmly and sit flush inside the dart shaft, reducing the risk of breakage.

Length (incl. thread):
Short - 35 mm
In Between - 41 mm
Medium - 48 mm
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SKUSH-SM3703/I SH-SM3703/M SH-SM3703/S
EAN code9415639008104 9415639008111 9415639008098
Shaft FarbeSchwarz
Shaft GrößeShort, In Between, Medium
Shaft MaterialCarbon