Shot Anthem Rubber Dartboard Surround Kaitiaki

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Shot Surround Rubber

The professional one-piece Anthem Dartboard Surround will help your walls survive stray steel tip darts.

With the amazing, professional one-piece Anthem Dartboard Surround, you can add a touch of Shot Warrior style to your dart lane while also protecting your walls from stray steel tip darts.

The injection-molded polymer ring is designed to fit securely over standard-sized dartboards and to hold stray dart tips in place with minimal movement. It's lightweight and simple to put together; simply fit it over your steel tip dartboard and you're ready to play.

The artwork on this all-in-one wall protection is by New Zealand designer Julie Paama-Pengally and is very stunning. "Wahi Toro Tika" (Wahi Toro Tika) is a representation of the spirit of competition, which encompasses the four winds (nga hau e wha), which depicts our connection to people near and far through the comradeship that darts provides.

The Anthem non-reflective dartboard Surround has a stunning appearance, yet it will not detract from your ability to throw. It's a great conversation starter whether you're searching for something different or a stunning piece of setup equipment.

All it takes is a Shot Warrior Bristle Dartboard to take your game room to the next level!

Shot Anthem Rubber Dartboard Surround Kaitiaki - The Guardians

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