Bull's Phantom Grip 80%

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21 t/m 26 gram# Bulls Darts

21 t/m 26 gram# You barely see the grip but it is definitely there. These Bull’s darts are very famous because of Raymond van Barneveld. Exactly the same dartset is also available in a Softtip. Click on the next link to see all Bull's Phantom Grip.

bull's steeltip darts phantom grip 80% - 12921-12922-12923-12924-12925-12926

Weight:Barrel Length:Barrel Width:
21 gram50.60 mm6.80 mm
22 gram50.70 mm6.80 mm
23 gram47.90 mm6.60 mm
24 gram50.30 mm6.70 mm
25 gram49.60 mm6.90 mm
26 gram50.40 mm7.10 mm
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Custom LabelBest Seller
Darts GripRinged, Phantom
Darts Material80% Tungsten
Farbe BarrelSilber, Blau
Darts ModelGerade
Country of ManufactureNeuseeland