Broken Points

It happens more and more often that dart points break loose from the barrel. This can be very annoying, because it is not possible to repair them by yourself and therefor you can no longer dart. A broken point can be prevented by darting above a soft surface (carpet floor or something alike). If you do not have a soft surface at home, there is always the possibility of darting with a dart or carpet mat. However, it is still possible that even then your point breaks down, but it will certainly reduce the chance.

Nowadays, a lot of brands produce point with a certain grip. This grip reduces the strength of the tip,  which ensures that the tip breaks down faster. This is also the reason that a broken point is becoming more common lately.

Unfortunately, we can not give any guarantee on points that break down, as we can not figure out how the customer deals with the darts. If it happens that a dart falls down on a floor which is made of stone, there is a big chance your points will break off. This will happen less soon when you dart on a wooden floor, but it is still possible.

There are two possible ways to break a point; a broken point which is still sticking out from the barrel and a completely broken-off point. The first case can often be repaired without too much effort. It becomes a lot more difficult to repair a dart with a completely broken-off point. It is possible to repair the dart if this has happened to your dart(s). However, because it takes a lot a lot of time and effort, it costs €25,- for each point that has to get replaced. Furthermore, you will not be having the darts for some time and there is the possibility that your darts will change colour, because the repair has to be done at high temperatures.

The pictures below give an illustration of the two possible ways a dart point can break off and the way the colour of the barrel can change, because of the heating process. The barrel at the top of the picture shows the way the colour of a barrel can change. On the upper two barrels you can see a point which has not been broken off entirely. This is less hard to repair and is therefore cheaper to fix. The barrel at the bottom of the picture shows a completely broken-off point.

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Broken Points