Shot Eagle Claw Shaft Green

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SH-SM3698/S SH-SM3698/I SH-SM3698/M

Poly Carbonate Shot Shafts

Polycarbonate Nylon Shafts with aluminium 2 mm ring and with eagle wings engraved on it.

The Shot Eagle Claw Series is available in different colours and different sizes.

Size: Length (excl. thread): Weight:
Medium 47 mm 1,15 gram
In Between 39 mm 0,89 gram
Short 35 mm 0,75 gram


shot eagle claw green - SH-SM3698/S SH-SM3698/I SH-SM3698/M

Weitere Informationen
Custom LabelGeen
SKUSH-SM3698/S SH-SM3698/I SH-SM3698/M
EAN code9415639008036 9415639008043 9415639008050
Country of ManufactureNeuseeland
Shaft FarbeGrün
Shaft GrößeShort, In Between, Medium
Shaft Gewicht1,01 - 1,25 gram
Shaft MaterialPC (Poly Carbonate)