Shot is a New Zealand dart brand launched in 2009 by Puma Dart Products Ltd.

Shot originated from the desire of Puma Darts to create an international brand that can be delivered to darts players in every corner of the world and does not conflict with the German sports brand Puma.

Shot strives for a perfect combination of optimizing the results of dart players and developing products that appeal to design in the dart world.

Puma Darts was founded in 1970 by John McCormick. After his death in 2003, his activities were taken over by his son Peter McCormick.

Julie Carlson, the daughter of John McCormick, has also joined the family business as Marketing Director.

In addition to product development, the Shot brand has a very strong focus on corporate social responsibility with a focus on people and the environment!

A great example of this is the development of the Shot Bandit Duro dartboard: it is made entirely of recyclable plastic, environmentally friendly sisal and printed with water-based inks.

The Bandit dartboard is therefore the choice of many top players worldwide and officially recognized by the World Dart Federation.

Shot's darts therefore stand for “Passion”, “Inspiration”, “Precision” and “Global” high end products!

Shot only has Tungsten darts, Shot's Steeltip Darts are beautifully innovative darts.

The Shot Softtip Dart arrows are also of very good quality.

Shot ; “Optimize your Performance