Bull's Player 100 Richard Veenstra Std.

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1,80 €

Set of 3, 100 micron Bulls Flights.

The immensely popular Bull's Powerflite gets another addition to its Player 100 range! With none other than Richard “Flyers” Veenstra! This flight has a beautiful minimalistic look, but looks can be deceiving! Because if you look closely, you will see that this flight has a complex wavy print. This comes into its own as soon as the flight is in light. The flight is 100 microns thick, and it has the standard No.2 shape. Click on the next link to see all Bull's Player Flights.

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Weitere Informationen
Custom LabelGeen
EAN code8719075971222
Country of ManufactureVereinigtes Königreich
Flight FormStandard
Flight Material100 micron
Flight ThemaDartspieler