Shot Pyramid Alu Mat Black

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SH-SM3678I SH-SM3678M SH-SM3678S

Aluminium Shot Shafts

Shot's Aluminium Pyramid shaft are dart shafts with deep Pyramid grooves for extra grip. The Shot Pyramid Alu shaft is available in 3 different sizes and in different colours. Click on the following link to view all Shot Pyramid Shafts.

shot aluminium pyramid grip shaft mat black- SH-SM3678I-SM3678M-SM3678S

Length (excl. thread): Weight:
Short - 35 mm 1,12 gram
In Between - 41 mm 1,25 gram
Medium - 48 mm 1,49 gram
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Shaft FarbeSchwarz
Shaft GrößeShort, In Between, Medium
Shaft Gewicht1,26 - 1,50 gram
Shaft MaterialAluminium